Sunday, October 13, 2013

Where Have We Been?!

Hi All!!

So sorry I haven't kept up with our blog for a long while. I totally understand if you're mad, but hopefully this super quick re-cap of what's been going on in our lives will help you forgive us. 

Super Quick Re-Cap

Dec. 2012- Officially graduated from college!! Whoop Whoop!

May- I walked across the stage in Radford, with all of my family in the crowd cheering me on. It was amazing! Of course we celebrated Radford style in Abingdon with everyone.
 I received a mid-day phone call from Ryan while he was at work. This is very unusual and of course I immediately thought the worst. Instead, he told me of a conversation he just had with his boss about a possible job opportunity in CALIFORNIA!! With it being a possible job, we had to keep it hush-hush until we knew more info. 

June- Celebrated Ryan's 24th birthday!  No new news about CA. Ugh! 

July- Still holding in the secret. EEK!!

Aug.- Celebrated our 4 year anniversary. Ryan PROPOSES!! OMG. Now we have 2 secrets to keep until everyone in our family knows. Awesome

Sept.- Finally we have confirmation on CA. We scramble to find an apartment, tie up loose ends, pack, and oh yeah freak out because we are MOVING ACROSS THE COUNTRY! 

Oct.- Pack, load up the truck, and head out to start our crazy cross country road trip! 

Okay now I believe you are all caught up! I'm going to try my best to post about our trip throughout the week. I may need a reminder though- we are still unpacking and adjusting to our new home! 


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