Monday, October 14, 2013

Just One Quick Thing

Howdy Folks! 

So I lied. I'm sorry. Instead of posting about the first part of our cross country road trip, I'm going to talk about OUR ENGAGEMENT! 

Here is how Ryan described it to his Grandparents. It's just so sweet I couldn't think of any better way to share it with you. 

"In other news, I have an even more exciting revelation. On Thursday, August 8th (Cyntra and I's 4-year anniversary), I took Cyntra out to a extravagant (and expensive) gourmet dinner at Rain in Abingdon, Va. I had a 10oz. New York Strip and Cyntra had a Muscle and Shrimp Pasta dish. Afterward, I took her out for the most delicious dessert at Anthony's Desserts also in Abingdon, Va. We ordered the greatest Chocolate Peanut Butter tart and homemade Vanilla Ice cream. Then, we went to a local community college for some stargazing with my telescope. While we were looking up at the stars, i pulled a piece of paper out of my pocket and had Cyntra read it. It said "They told me to get her to fall in love with me, I need to make her laugh, but every time she laughs, I fall more in love." I, then, turned the paper over and I had written on the back "Will you marry me?". I got down on one knee and pulled out a ring. She, of course, said YES!!. Soooo, Cyntra and I are now engaged to be married!!!!. She is eager to show everyone the ring, so i'm sure we will have a picture out to you soon."

Too sweet, uh?! I know, I know. As of now we planned to wait until we are settled into our new apartment before we start discussing wedding details. I will keep you posted, I promise.

My Momma came to visit shortly after our engagement and right before our move. She's an amazing photographer. Somehow I convinced her to take our engagement photos and I am speechless with how they turned out. Here's a sneak peak of our photo shoot:

Isn't she great?! Hopefully when things slow down a bit I can share more with everyone.

Okay, enough lovey dovey. I promise to start our crazy cross country excursion posts. 


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