Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ruling the Roost

Hi all! Today I am so proud to share with you a fellow blogger, Dusty! She is absolutely hilarious! My favorite thing about her, she tells it how it is- no holding back! She's truly amazing!! If you're ready to laughing, continue reading- you won't regret it!
I am so thrilled to be ruling the roost over here on Cyn's blog today. I mean really who doesn't enjoy a good hen party? She and I have recently gotten to know each other and I am so happy. I think she's pretty awesome and the fact that she asked little ole me to guest post well I am shickled tickless. Here's my schpeel. 
My name is Dusty and I blog over at Girls Love Fried Pickles. I have explained it before but just in case I blog because I am full of useless knowledge and feel it necessary to share all the mush that ponders inside my head. I write about all kinds of stuff like how I hate thongs, faking a period to avoid the yum yum with your loved one and how santa is a mooch hooker. Did I say I hated rules? I hate rules. There are no rules on my blogging territory.
I am a mother of a seven year old boy and wife to a man I often refer to as Duh. Why? Because most of our conversations end with me looking at him with the "are you really that stupid" look. I love them so much, they are my world and they are for the most part slobs. I clean up. They mess it up. At any given time there could be underwear scattered among our house, food that has become fermented and dried under the bed, if the dog hasn't found it first and bodily functions are at free will. So, you would think that I would weigh about 12 pounds soaking wet because all I do is clean, cook and treasure hunt for unknown objects in my house, but its still a work in progress. I am not over weight but my butt is. We fight often.
I turned 40 last year. For my birthday I received  hemorrhoids. I keep enjoying them repeatedly. That apparently is the gift that keeps on giving and I noticed that I may be getting age spots. But I am trying to convince myself that those are tan dots and eventually they will connect and I will save money on spray tanning.
I have a crazy life. My little lifestyle blog has a little of those stories plus I might throw in a recipe or two, show a fashion post because I do sometimes try to look hot snot and I love to decorate and attempt do it yourself projects but that also requires cleaning up a mess which I do most of the time anyway. I hope you come over and visit and then maybe stay awhile. I love good company. Beware I am not usually quiet about anything, but I love making great friends.
Again, thank you Cyn for sharing your blog with me today. I cockadoodle dood all over it!

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