Thursday, July 12, 2012


I'm so sorry for being MIA this week. I honestly have a legit excuse for my absence! But unfortunately I don't have time to fill everyone in just yet. I've been on the go since Sunday at 3:00pm and the week's adventures are far from over. Plus, I'm heading to the beach next week so I apologize a trillion times for my lack of posts. No worries though, I have lined up a few guest posts from some pretty awesome gals to keep everyone entertained while I'm soaking up the sun. 

To help ease the pain of my absence, I've add a few teaser pics from the week thus far- I'll explain everything later! 

(Lees McRae College)

(North Carolina)

(Wolves of Abingdon)

(Redneck Decor)

Good luck figuring those out! I hope everyone is having a fantabulous week and I hope to catch up with everyone soon!! 


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