Thursday, July 26, 2012

I Miss Mayberry

Today's guest post is by a friend of mine, Lauren. Last summer we spontaneously went on a few wild road trips and below she shares a few details of one. 

Hello, everyone! It’s Lauren, checking in for my first blog/guest post EVER! You may remember me from a few posts back:

(Yup, that’s me)

I was given free range to share whatever I wanted, as long as I follow one rule: INCLUDE PICTURES! Well lucky for me, I just so happen to have a bunch of pictures tucked away that are dying to be seen! And, due to recent events, the timing couldn’t be better…

Last summer, Cyn and I decided to get away from the daily routine of going to work and applying to jobs and head out on a spontaneous adventure. With no set destination in mind, we drove South on I-81 with a few twists and turns on the way.

(Tumblin’ our way into North Carolina!)

Our first stop: a gas station. Exciting, right? Well, little did I know, Cyn and the cashier would team up to plan a secret destination, leaving me in the dark with only 2 hints and a LOT of anticipation!
Let’s see if you can figure it out…

The oh-so-helpful hints:
1) Barney
2) Rascal Flatts

Stumped? Yeah, I was, too.
But as we headed into a small town in the backwoods of North Carolina, it clicked…and I read a sign. We were in Mt. Airy, North Carolina. But you may know it by the name MAYBERRY! That’s right, we were in the hometown of the legendary Andy Griffith and filming location of the Andy Griffith Show. So, it was only necessary for Cyn and I to take our adventure on foot. From here, I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves:

(Statue commemorating the Andy Griffith Show)

(We made our way to Mayberry Courthouse!!)

 (She’s guilty!!)


(Andy Griffith’s house!)

We had a blast that day! I hope you enjoyed reading about our crazy adventure. 
Have an awesome day!

What a day that was! Thanks Lauren! 


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