Monday, June 25, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend was jam packed full of fun! 

A friend of ours decided to make a last minute road trip to visit us for the weekend. 
We hung out in our garage playing card games and doing some much needed laughing. Oh...and we stayed up until 5:00 AM!! Woo! I guess my girl talk levels were way too low. 

On Saturday Lauren, Ryan, and I went out for lunch at State Line in Bristol VA. It was delicious! I got an order of hot wangs of course! Then we walked down to show Lauren the famous Bristol TN-VA sign. Just as we walked down there a train pulled into the station, blocking traffic for 10 mins or so. Ryan had a bright idea of walking around the train...that was until he realized how long it was! 
(I was born a ramblin' man)

After a nap, we headed into Abingdon to the Blues Festival. As we listened to the very talented musicians, we attempted to play frisbee. Of course this gathered every child under the age of 10 to come play with us. (Oh, Ryan and I apparently look like doctors because a grandmother wanted our opinion about her grandson should go to the hospital for a dog bite.)

Sunday was catch up day. Lauren headed home and I caught up on my much needed sleep. I did make a delicious dinner- roasted potatoes and mini meatloaf (or 'meat muffins' as Ryan called them). I pinned Rachel Ray's recipe here

Overall it was a great weekend! Thankfully I caught up on my sleep because Ryan wants to get to work earlier this weekend. This means the alarm will be buzzing at 6:00am...

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Get into anything exciting?


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