Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Day In Pjammies

I hope everyone had a great and wonderful 4th of July! We sure did! Ry had the day off, I was extremely happy. This was the first day he had off where we didn't have any friends visiting since he started working, so  we spent the day in our pjammies and relaxing. Going completely against all of my hard work at the gym- we.pigged.out. I'm talking cookies'n cream ice cream at 1pm. then a mound of ultimate chili cheese fries for dinner. OMG those bad boys were delicious! Totally worth spending all of today in the gym- working off the billion calories.

(Sorry it's so blurry, I was STARVING!)

Betweeen bites, we caught up on a few of our favorite shows. Since we don't have cable, we turn to Netflix and Hulu for some lazy entertainment. I think we are now fully caught up with Hell's Kitchen and still working through the auditions for America's Got Talent. Both shows are so fun to watch, especially with Ryan. He gets so into reality TV, jumping around and shouting/routing for the contestants. Sometimes he's more entertaining than the actual show! 

After a nap, we did venture out to watch the local fireworks show. They were beautiful, unfortunately I didn't get a great ideal picture- but this will do! 

(Oooh! Ahhh! Applesauce!)

When the show was over and we were headed home- we were absolutely shocked with the amount of cars stuck in multiple parking lots waiting to leave. I had no idea that many people lived in our small town! It was unbelievable

That wraps up our wonderful relaxing Independence Day! I hope each of you enjoyed the day as well.



  1. Yes! There was a 4th of July gridlock of traffic in the friendly little city by the sea, Swansboro, NC, too! Hundreds of people! Where did they come from? Where do they live? What do they do for a living here in the middle of nowhere. . . by the sea?

    The fireworks here were magnificent! Lots of noise and lots of people and food vendors on the street making lots of money! By the way the pulled pork barbecue was fantastic...BEST EVER!

    Glad you had such a fun, relaxing day off! It's good for the soul!

    :-) Sandy

  2. The huz loves chili cheese fries. I am pretty sure he could eat a whole bowl.