Tuesday, July 3, 2012

1st Step: Admitting You Have A Problem

Hi. My name is Cyntra and I am a game-app-aholic. 

Hi Cyntra. 

I'm not addicted to just any phone app, but specifically the games you play with friends through those nifty little smartphones. Like Words With Friends, Draw Something, & Scramble. I blame my growing addiction on the lack of friends we've made in our new town. Seriously, I have an insane desire to constantly finger paint via android and gain points for my lame 1 syllable words. 

Does anyone else have this problem? 
If you do: add me! 

WWF: alittlecyn
Draw Something: Cyn05 
Scramble: Cyntra87 

How do you over come this horrible disease? 

So far, the only solution to my game app addiction is more cowbell. 

(For the entire original clip click here- it's a MUST see!)


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  1. here from the blog hop!
    excited to be your newest follower :)
    ps. i'd love for you to stop by and say hi at lavitaebella-elisabeth.blogspot.com