Monday, July 2, 2012

BBQ, Friends, & Coffee Mugs- OH MY!

Good Monday Morning! 

I hope everyone had a fantabulous weekend. We sure did! On Friday, I surprised Ry by inviting one of his besties down to help celebrate his birthday. When Ryan came home from work, he was totally surprised to see Mr. T (the friend) and I waiting for him. We spent the weekend hanging out, playing cards, and catching up. Saturday night, we went out for BBQ at a local restaurant that was recommended to Ryan. Bone Fire Smokehouse was absolutely delicious! It was originally a hardware store that was renovated into a to.die.for. BBQ.  

I completely forgot to take any pictures of our weekend. I suck, I know. 

Anywho, I hope everyone survived the horrible storms that passed through this weekend. Luckily all we saw was an hour long lightening show and some strong winds. The power blipped real quick, nothing to complain about. I've seen pictures on Facebook and Instagram of how these storms torn down trees and destroyed property. I hope all of those without power have it quickly restored, I know living without power blows!

Oh! One more thing before I go: I saw this on he, me & them's blog and thought it was an amazing idea! Who doesn't love coffee? Who wouldn't want to meet new bloggy friends? How could I not sign up? I suggest you jump on over and check'er out- then sign up for the coffee mug swap-a-roo! 


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  1. forgetting to take pictures is the sign of a good weekend!