Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Happy 23!

Happy 23rd Birthday Ryan!
In honor of his 23 years, I thought I'd try to list off 23 fun facts about Ryan.

Here we go...

1. Ryan is one of the most understanding people I know. Regardless of the situation, he will find some way to sympathize with you. (well, mostly with me)

2. Even though he rather spend his free time nerding it up or playing video games, instead he'll snuggle up with me to watch Netflix. (Now that's love)

3. Ryan puts everyone else first. He rather spend all of his time and money making everyone happy, than focusing on himself. 

4. He has the best sense of humor. Even at 6:30am, we are laughing. (OMG 6:30am!)

5. He's respectful and polite to everyone he meets.

6. He gets me. (Enough said)

7. He'll eat anything I cook and stay it was delicious- even when we both know it wasn't.

8. Ryan loves his family, they mean the world to him.

9. He's a big smarty pants. He received 2 degrees, with 2 minors, from Radford. (Nerd status :-) )

10.  After (almost) 3 years, we always have something to talk about. (We never shut up)

11. Even though he works 40+ hours a week, Ryan's still down for some crazy adventure on the weekends. (Thank god!)

12. He has the best laugh. (No questions about it)

13. Ryan loves scary movies, and because I'm a sissy baby he'll wait to watch them when I'm not around. 

14. He doesn't care what others think, as long as he's having fun. 

15. Ryan LOVES Christmas...more than life itself!

16. Even though he'd rather rock out to "Bullet For My Valentine", he'll deal with country just for me. 

17. Ryan loves puzzles. Anything that will rack his brain, he's down for. 

18. Ryan enjoys listening to NPR (specifically Wait...Wait Don't Tell Me) with me on the weekends.

19. Even on a lazy Sunday, Ryan can't lay in bed all day watching Netflix. He gets too restless. (You better bet I can!)

20. In his spare time, Ryan programs- nonstop. Even though he does this all day at work, obviously he truly loves his career. 

21. The most known fact about Ryan, he's been sky diving. But did you know he wants to go sky diving over New Zealand? 

22. He's my boyfriend...duh! 

23. Ryan lives every day to the fullest. Each and every day. (Do you do this?) 

Happy birthday baby! I hope you have a fantabulous day! 



  1. I finally get to post how sweet this is. I remember the summer before you guys actually started dating and we would be on the phone talking about everything. And i knew you guys would date and be happily ever after :-P
    Love and miss you guys!!!

    1. Awe! Thank you so much JJ! We really do have you to thank for getting us together. Without your late night phone calls and AIM conversations, we wouldn't be where we are today!