Saturday, June 23, 2012

Mix & Match

I'm finally doing a post about the house. Sorry I haven't done one yet, but honestly I've been up to my ears in relaxation. What is a girl to do? 

My first project was spicing up the living room. It was pretty boring and bland. Yuck! 

Oh, and FYI nothing in our house matches! I keep repeating to myself, "We're broke and just outta college." Thankfully, majority of our things have been passed down to us by our parents/grandparents or donated. (Thank you!) I can't expect to have everything perfect right now, but it's something we can work towards! 
The cream-ish couch, along the right wall, is our 'thinking couch'. It was the couch Ryan's parents had in their home while he was growing up. If he got into trouble (which is suspect never happened) he had to sit on the couch and think about what he had done. 
This couch has been through the ringer. Not only did it survive Ryan's thinking time, but it also made it through 3 years of Radford!! Woo! 

The couch in front of the windows is a maroon color and is a donated piece (Thank you!). I've claimed this as my spot, it's so comfy! The chair, in the bottom left of the picture, is my all time favorite. It's a  papasan chair that was my Momma's. The cushion is a navy, with a wooden base. Similar to this. 

Ryan made the entertainment center. I like it, but have plans of staining it a deep brown color. This is on my summer to do list. The 3 tables in front of the thinking couch, as well as the side tables & lamps were passed down to us from my great grandmas. The 3 tables have beautiful green-ish tiles on top. Also, our curtains are a dark brown. 

So you can see, we have a creamish-maroon-greenish-navy-brown theme. Ha! 

Here's what I found around the house to spiff it up a bit!

I've had the leopard print rug for years (I love animal prints). I thought it would help tie the brown and cream colors. 

The picture frames and LOVE were a Christmas present from my Momma. I haven't decided which pictures I want to put in the frames, but once I do I'll share them with you. 
The clock was also part of the truck load from my great grandmas. 

It's not perfect, but it's definitely more homey. We know it's a work in progress and there isn't any rush to make it perfect!