Monday, June 18, 2012


No, you didn't read the title wrong nor did I spell it wrong. PDGA, or Professional Disc Golf Association, is an honest to god real thing. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this sport, the rules are pretty simple: throw a frisbee a couple hundred yards away into a 'disc catcher'. The play with the least amount of tosses- wins

Ryan and I tried our hand at this sport Saturday afternoon, and let's just say we won't be competing in the PDGA anytime soon. 

We went to Warrior's Path State Park in Tennessee for a picnic lunch & disc golf. Living in Abingdon puts us only 15 or so minutes from Bristol, the city that is located in Virginia as well as Tennessee! Warrior's Path State Park is very beautiful and there's so much to do (swimming, paddle boats, canoe, hiking, disc golf, playground, etc). 

(Picture of me during a previous visit to the park)

(Ryan about to toss his frisbee)

(The thing with the yellow top is a disc catcher)

(Me, my professional frisbee, & a disc catcher)

As you can tell, we looked like professionals. We used top of the line Dollar Store frisbees- Ry's had Lightening McQueen and mine had Buzz & Woody. After hiking through the woods and playing holes 2-17 we called it a day (we couldn't find 1). Since we weren't sure how to really determine the scores, we kept count of how many tosses it took before getting it in the 'hole'. 
Our final scores were: 
Ryan- 130
Cyn- 158

Yup, he beat me. It was a lot of fun and I definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for a new and fun activity. But be warned: it is a work out! There is a lot of walking/hiking and your tossing arm will be sore by the end of the game. Totally worth it though! 

I hope everyone else had a great weekend- what did you get into? 



  1. I played this once. It required walking and concentration. Two things I am not fond of. LOL

  2. I bet Ryan's arm was not as tired as it was after holding it up for so freakin long with MR. T. hahaha