Wednesday, June 20, 2012

She has how many?!

Good wonderful Wednesday to all! 

One of my Summer Resolutions (sorta like a New Years Resolution, but for summer time) is to lose weight. Now, I know this is something every girl says but doesn't truly act on it or stick with it

But this time is different (isn't it always?), I mean it. I have nothing but time this summer and a free gym right behind my house- what's stopping me from going? (Well, besides the obvious reasons: Ally McBeal, taking a wonderful nap, munchin' down on some Cheez-its,   or actually being responsible and unpacking.) 

The motivation behind this Summer Resolution haunts the entire bottom drawer of my dresser....usta-fit jeans. Of course these are jeans that fit once upon a time, but now I can only wear them as leg warmers (aka I only dream of getting them past my thighs!). Normally, I wouldn't be so worked up about a pair of jeans that no longer fits but this is a totally different circumstance. 

It's not just 1 or 2 pairs of jeans that no longer fit....
oh no the number is much higher...
I'm ashamed to share this.....

26 pairs of jeans. I own 26 pairs of jeans that no longer fit me! WHOA MOMMA! 

1st- who in the world has 30 pairs of jeans?!
 (In case you don't want to do the math, 4 pair still fit! WHOOP WHOOP!)

2nd- who keeps that many jeans that don't fit?!

Let me share a little fun-fact: I only bought 4 pairs out of the usta-fit 26. The remaining 22 pairs were donated to the Cyntra Loves Clothes Foundation by a couple of my girlfriends when we lived in Radford. Now at the time I accumulated majority of these jeans I was in my 1st semester of student teaching which required snazzy dress clothes for 5 days a week (I spent the weekends catching up on sleep, thus mostly wore pjammies). So I hardly ever wore jeans during these 3ish months. The following semester, this past spring, I took on 4 English courses..stupid, stupid. These were such intense courses I took comfort in sweats. Yup, I was the poster girl for a typical college female fashionista- sweats, t-shirts, and Birkenstocks. 

(Hoodrat Status)


Anywho...back to my Summer Resolution. I want to fit into the unnecessary amount of jeans that occupy an entire drawer of my dresser. I want to be fit & healthy, not just "skinny". I'm pretty proud of myself for routinely visiting the gym last week and have hopes of continuing to do so. For extra motivation, I'm hoping you all will help keep me accountable. I'll keep you posted throughout the summer. 

Wish me luck guys! 

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  1. Keep it up!!! YOU CAN DO IT!! And seriously 30 pair of jeans... that's hoarder border....