Thursday, June 28, 2012

Dig The Pig

Ryan's 23rd birthday was a total success! I ended up needing a 'day off' yesterday to re-cooperate after all the cooking and baking I did for the birthday boy. Poor Sunny (my 1960s Sunbeam electric mixer) worked so hard, I'm surprised he made it through. 

(This is Sunny)

The Menu

White Rice
Steamed Broccoli

Shock Top Raspberry Wheat Cupcakes

After a few phone calls with my Momma and Grandfather, I made steak for the first time. I was extremely nervous, but Ry swears it was delicious. He ate everything on his plate and asked for seconds, I guess it wasn't too bad. 
(I quickly snapped this pic before Ry dove in)

I made 24- homemade, from complete scratch- "Adult Cupcakes" (Shock Top Raspberry Wheat) with cream cheese icing! DELICIOUS! I found the recipe on Pinterest (duh). Her recipe calls for Blue Moon or Corona, but Shock Top worked wonderfully. I bought a 6 pack, but only used 1 bottle for the cupcakes.
Warning: they are pretty dense, but you can't help wanting another. 
You can find the recipe here

(About to blow out the candles)

After dinner and dessert, Ryan opened his presents. Being completely broke, I went onto his computer and burned a few CDs for him. We live out in the middle of nowhere and Ry works out in BFE, thus meaning his radio stations are very limited. So limited he has 3 to choose from: 1. At work   2. Between work and home    3. In Abingdon. They only work in their specific areas. I think he greatly appreciated static free music. 

Also, Ryan's parents sent him a birthday package. His mom always sends the best gifts (and includes me too!). Here are the awesome Piggly Wiggly shirts they sent us. If you've never heard of Piggly Wiggly before, you must fix that ASAP! 
Because you haven't lived until you dig the pig!

Thanks to everyone who sent Ryan birthday wishes, he truly had a fantabulous day! I'm dragging my booty to the gym to work off all the cupcakes I ate 
(totally worth that extra 50 crunches!).



  1. Hi, Cyntra! Looks like he had a great birthday thanks to you!!!! Happy birthday Ryan! P.S. Call me sometime.....know you're busy, though ...
    Love you, Mom

  2. By the way . . . Ryan's gramma has the same mixer!!!! HAHAHAAAAAAAAAAA